Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Boys Pick: 2 Favorite Quick Activities

 Today I am featuring 2 of boys favorite activities to do at home.
Hammering nails is L's pick we have been lucky to be able to get outside a lot this winter and I've been keeping a small container of nails and hammers nearby for building. They do have to ask me to do this activity since I try to supervise them closely. They have done several projects with us using a hammer and nails and we've taught them how to use them safely. I was mainly supervising the dog because she likes to try to steal the kids gloves while they are hammering and I'm afraid she will get accidently hit!

 Sometimes I bring out some lumber scraps to nail yesterday I pulled up a few logs to nail into.
 Since the logs are fairly weathered the wood was pretty soft making it a little easier to hammer in to the boys LOVED it.
 They were very busy decorating this log with nails.
 E's pick of favorite activity is play dough and googly eyes.
He loves making animals and monsters. He added some plastic utensils too.
Both of these activities are good for stimulating multiple senses and building arm and hand strength. They also help get some of the boys endless energy out!

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