Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bubble Birthday Blast

Today is L's 5th Birthday. We had a family Birthday party this past weekend. It was a bubble themed party at a Local Science museum.

The kids played with lots of different bubble wands.

 Experimented with a Bubble window and giant bubbles.
 They also had fun with Bubble art- The kids blew bubbles with a mix of washable paint, dish soap and water on to paper.

 I made some Rainbow Jello to go along with our colorful decorations.
 I made the Bubble cake. I baked the cake in a 13x17 pan and frosted it with teal butter cream. I put a picture of L on a Popsicle stick stick it in the cake and place a glass bubble bowl over it. I added white frosting, pearlized gum balls, pearlized sprinkles and rainbow Twizzlers.
 We also explored the Science museum. The kids had fun with the light table, sand table, and kinex.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Messy Fun with Dinosaurs and Oobleck

 Playing with Oobleck is one of the boys favorite messy play activities.
 If you are unfamiliar with Oobleck its is a mix of cornstarch and water that has properties of both a solid and a liquid.  You can read more about oobleck here.

I mixed 2 cups cornstarch, 1 1/2 cups water and food coloring.
 We played with some plastic dinosaurs and the oobleck on trays.
 Its fun to play with when you pick it up and squeeze it it feels solid put it will drip and pour.
 Scooping it with spoons.

 The boys asked for water to wash the dinosaurs. I brought out some warm soapy water.
  I will say this is a pretty messy activity and the boys hands were slightly stained blue when we were finished but it washed off in the bath. Even though they made a mess they were engaged  and playing with it for close to an hour.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fun with Shaving Cream and Cars

 The boys had lots of messy fun playing with toy cars and shaving cream.
 I placed some mirrors that I reclaimed from our bathroom redo on the table and squirted shaving cream on top.
 I added some cars to drive through the shaving cream snow. We also added some Popsicle sticks to spread the shaving cream and make mazes for the cars to drive in.

 The boys wanted to wash the cars so I brought out some bins of water

Lots of messy sensory fun to be had!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun Learning with Chocolate Hugs

We have been having fun and learning lots with Hershey Hugs candy.
 We played a memory game using the Hershey Hugs candy. This was an idea I saw on pinterest.
 I wrote letters on circle label stickers and put them on the bottom of the candy.
 We played it like regular memory. Turn over 2 candies if the upper and lowercase letters matched you keep the pair if no match turn them back over.
 We also had some math fun with Valentines Hugs candy. The Valentine's hugs have 3 different colored wrappers which made them perfect for sorting activities.

 The boys sorted the candy and counted each color. We also talked about which color had the most and least of each color.
 Then we practiced making patterns.
 Made letters:

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