Friday, December 30, 2011

Cutting New Year's Confetti Bin

So I apologize that almost all my activities this week have been in bins! It wasn't planned it just worked out that way.  The boys could use some practice with their scissor skills. I thought it would be fun to give them a chance to cut a variety of items and textures.
I put assorted strips of paper, silver and white tinsel garland and blue and green bead garland in a bin and told the boys they could cut everything in the bin to make new years confetti.
L really liked this activity. He really liked cutting the bead garland.

I will warn you this activity made a huge mess. Luckily I put the sheet down underneath the bin and was able to dump most of the stuff back in the bin. But I did have to vacuum up a bunch of little tinsel pieces.
I got everything for this bin on clearance and plan on using the cut up pieces for other projects.

I'm not planning on throwing the confetti in the air since we put the bead garland in it but the bin looks "new yearsy" and festive.

For the Kids Friday

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dinosaur Dig Playscape

This week in our continuing holiday rush and post Christmas cleaning I've been into recreating and reusing some of our materials to make new activities. This dinosaur bin is a combination of Coffee Construction Site and Color your own Dinosaur Playscape.

First I put some dinosaur skeletons and small dinosaurs on the one side of the bin then I dumped the coffee beans left from the coffee construction site on top. I also found the dinosaur fabric in my craft cabinet someone gave me a bunch of old fabric and this was in there so I figured it would make a good base underneath to catch and escaping coffee beans.

 I added some ripped up tissue paper in the center to be a jungle or plants for the dinosaurs to eat and some broken up sticks on the far end. I was trying to use some different textures and materials for the kids to explore.

 We added more dinosaurs then it was time to play.

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