Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY Light Table

I've decided I should give all the kids I know an under the bed storage box for Christmas because it is one of the things we play with a lot. After I dried off  our storage bin from our toy bath I put a strand of LED lights underneath to make a light table to play with. I'm not sure where I saw this idea first but I've seen a lot of great light table ideas on Play at Home Mom.
I set out a tray of flat glass marbles, snowflake ornaments, glass tiles, beads, and candle holders. I also set out some glass dishes and plastic cups and bowls.

 They liked filling the different containers and making designs on the light table.

 We will probably have more light table ideas coming soon since it gets dark so early this time of year.


  1. I have seen light tables, but never looked into making a homemade one. I love how EASY (and temporary) this is! I will definitely have to try this soon.