Sunday, December 4, 2011

DIY Light Table Letters from Milk Jugs

We have been having so much fun with our homemade light table letters, numbers, sight words and Christmas designs and I am super excited to share this idea with you!
The boys have been having lots of fun playing with our DIY tight table and I was looking at getting some light table toys to play with. However the translucent toys I was looking at were kind of pricey and I did get some translucent blocks but they are for Christmas. I started thinking of what we could make to play with. I spied our empty clear milk carton and got to work making letters, numbers, sight words and some Christmas designs using sharpies.
 I washed and dried some milk jugs and cut various rectangles which I decorated with letters, numbers and sight words using sharpie markers.

 We are doing some activities with gingerbread men this week so I also traced some gingerbread men.

I left the gingerbread men plain so we could decorate them with beads and other decorations.
E also wanted to help make some designs. So with very close supervision he colored some candy shapes I cut from the milk jugs:

The best part of this project is it can be adapted to any unit or skill you are working on. Also I found the plastic on the milk jugs isn't too sharp when cut. I also want to make bigger letters and numbers that the boys could place bead or flat marbles on I just need to collect some more milk jugs.

Have fun creating.
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  1. Ingenious! I love the homemade light table! I never thought of that and I KNOW my kids would like it!! Making letters out of milk jugs is also such a fun idea...

  2. how creative! thanks for sharing on the sunday showcase - featuring your post this week!