Saturday, December 17, 2011

Walk Scavenger Hunt

So weather around here hasn't been too stellar; cold, rainy and windy. There was a break in the rain yesterday and I wanted to get the kids outside for a bit. The main problem about going outside is the yard is a muddy mess. I don't mind mud but frigid cold wet mud isn't that fun. So I thought we'd go for a walk but walks never go very well. L doesn't walk as a general rule he's either hopping or running so he winds up way ahead of us. E will happily go for a walk if he gets to ride in a wagon but I wanted to tire him out not me! So I thought we'd try a neighborhood scavenger hunt. I quickly drew a few pictures of things we could find in our neighborhood. If I planned ahead I would've used clip art and printed something on the computer since I didn't inherit my Art teacher mother's drawing ability.
I set off on our scavenger hunt with two very excited boys. I still wound up with L running ahead and E poking behind but they had fun and really needed to get outside. We wound up spending longer outside then I had planned (I always make sure the boys are all bundled up but I forgot my own gloves) and had a fun afternoon.

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