Monday, December 19, 2011

Bed Sheet Race Track

 This is one of our favorite activities to do in the winter or on rainy days. I get out a big older bed sheet spread it on the floor and get our a bunch of washable markers. The kids can draw whatever they want on the sheet and then when they are finished I toss the sheet in the washer and all the drawings come out so it can be used another day.
 The other day we used our sheet to make race tracks for cars. Its hard to see but L added lines all over the sheet for race tracks.
 L also wanted his letter roads I made a while ago. I saw the idea somewhere and made the roads out of black craft foam. We haven't played with these in awhile and I realized I only made the beginning of the alphabet so making the rest of the letters is now on my to do list.

Making you are talking too much

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