Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Adding More Fun to Water Play

 Playing with water is always a huge hit in our house. In the summer I set up a water table in the backyard that's used a lot. In the winter water play takes place in the bath tub or sometimes I set up a bin of water. The other day the boys were a little stir crazy and I pulled out our bin and added some water then we tried out a few different ideas.
I saw the idea for playing with balloons and color filled water balloons on Play at Home Mom. I filled a few balloons with air and a few with colored water- I put a drop of food color in the balloon then added the water. I gave the boys scissors so they could cut open the balloons, Next time I will do this outside or in the bathtub because the balloons squirt! They loved seeing what color would come out of the balloon. I used blue and yellow so we could have some color mixing practice.

 After we cut all the balloons I squirted in some dish soap and got out straws for blowing in the water to make bubbles. We also added some ice to our water too.

 Finally we played with some water flutes I found at Michael's.
 You can add different amounts of water to them to make different music notes.

Some of our favorite things to play with in water are scoops, boats, plastic animals, funnels, ice, soap, and items that would sink and float.

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