Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sticky Label Art

 We do a lot of drawing around here but I thought I wanted to do something a little different today. I was looking for ideas when I saw the idea of using blank printable address labels on MaryAnn Kohl's Free Art Ideas. I have a bunch of printable labels stashed away so I thought using them for art would be fun.
 Here is the invitation I put our a strip of sticky labels I used the bigger ones that have 10 labels per page and cut the sheets in half. I set out some oil pastels, crayons and markers. We used construction paper too.
 First I told the boys they could draw whatever they wanted on the labels then we were going to stick them on another piece of paper.
 I told them to draw all over and don't pay attention to where the stickers separate.  I drew a valentines themed picture too.
 Then they peeled the stickers off and put them on another piece of paper. I told the boys they could place them however they wanted. You could stick them to recreate the picture you drew that's what I did with my picture.

 After placing the labels on the paper the boys continued decoration their drawings.

 I was talking to the boys as I was making my picture and said I was outlining some of the shapes. L drew a black line on the inside of one of heart and said "I inlined your picture- get it mommy inline the lines inside"

A Marvelous Mess
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  1. How fun, looks like they had a good time! And the "inline" comment was very insightful :) Thanks for linking up to Thinky Linky Thursday!
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom