Thursday, January 19, 2012

Indoor Snow Treasure Hunt

 This winter has been snow one day rain and no snow the next. So when we get snow I've been trying to do some type of playing in or with the snow. Today the snow was accompanied by high winds so I brought some inside.
 The boys wanted a pirate treasure hunt. We grabbed a bunch of foam shapes and blocks and piled them in our bin on top of a small waterproof tarp. I tried spreading out the blocks but the boys said pirates put all their treasures in one spot.
 Then I went outside filled a big pot with clean snow and dumped it in the bin.
 Time to dig. They tried digging with an without mittens and said without mittens the snow feels much colder.

 E insisted he wear his shirt backwards today because the front had less stripes- 3 year old logic!
 Finding lots of treasures!

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  1. Yes, you've gotta love kid-logic!! :)

    Very fun activity! We've hardly had any snow this year, and it is absolutely driving my 5yr old insane! If I knew it would snow, I would throw out a couple of tubs for activities like this.

  2. Thanks for a great idea! We haven't had any snow this winter but I am going to do this when we do! I am a new follower on GFC and look forward to seeing more of your great ideas!

    I would love for you to share it at my link party.

  3. How fun!! I wish we had more snow where I live just for activities like this! So fun! I love the 3 year old logic of your son with his shirt. My (almost in Feb 3 year old)son would prefer to do all of our activities in his pjs! Many days, I don't fight it and just allow it! :) We worked with ice instead of snow at my house this week. :) thanks for sharing. Visiting from TGIF.

  4. Snow much fun!! Stop over and link it up and I will pin it for you on Pinterest! Have a super day!

  5. Oh, how fun! Such a great idea. We are finally getting some snow here and got outside today. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  6. What fun!!!!

    Natasha xxx

  7. So much fun!! We finally got some snow so we can play outside instead of making snow inside =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week,
    Beth =-)

  8. I always love your ideas and you can't lose with playing in snow! Kids love it!
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom

  9. What a fun idea! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on The Sunday Showcase