Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crazy for Autumn Collages

I was going through our craft supplies and saw a bunch of fall themed supplies left from other projects and after Thanksgiving we will be switching to Christmas projects so I wanted to use some of them up. So we made autumn collages. By the way I googled the word collage just to make sure I was spelling it like the art project and not college the school! I swear I was smart before I had two boys and no longer sleep.

We used cardboard, foam fall shapes, beans, pasta, craft sticks, orange paper shreds that were packaging from a Halloween decoration, leaf confetti, silk leaves, yarn, white glue and glitter glue.

The boys loved making those collages and asked to make more so I pulled out some holiday food pictures I cut from a magazine and we glued those onto sheets of card stock.

 The boys like picking out the food they liked and gluing them on. There was a fight over who got the picture of pumpkin pie thou! We like pie.

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