Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pumpkin Jewels

 Now I know it's November and Halloween is over but that also means that Halloween stuff is on clearance. When I saw that my Target had 90% off on Halloween I just couldn't resist checking it out for things for next year. That's when E spotted these:

At first I thought we do not need pink pumpkin jewels but he asked very nicely and they were really cheap. I'm trying to let the boys do more child directed activities so into the cart went the jewels.

I'm only blogging this to remind myself to look for these next year because he had so much fun with them. I brought in our last pumpkin and he had lots of fun decorating and redecorating his pumpkin. The jewels were fairly re-positionable.
 Making Jewel fishies

One happy boy and a pumpkin all sparkly for thanksgiving what more can I ask for!

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