Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How Many Apples Game

This week in school L's class is doing an apple theme and working on counting. When I saw a few versions of apple tree counting such as this one:
I thought I'd make one too.

Here's my version:

I have a bunch of file folders I'm trying to reuse so I used one as my background and made a tree out of green scrap paper and crayon. You can make your tree out of anything you have on hand or print one out from clip art.
I made number cards by writing the number and drawing the correct number of apples underneath. You could put the apples on back of the card or just write the number.  My guys are just learning their numbers and I wanted them to connect the number to the right number of objects.

I folded the cards and placed them in a bin with pom pom apples. Then its time to play!

Pick a card and place the right number of apples on the tree. We took turns and sang "How many apples on the apple tree?" when we picked a card.

 L decided he needed some one to pick the apples so he went and got a Little People lady off the shelf.

After we played the game L decided to add the apple tree to our farm table to play with independently.

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  1. very nice. will try. thanks for a great idea